David J. Price

David J. Price

Price Hanna Consultants

Price Hanna Consultants, a firm specializing in nonwoven and hygiene absorbent products, key raw materials and related fields.  Mr. Price has extensive experience in textile, woven and nonwoven businesses and in the industrial, construction, filtration, medical, hygiene, consumer, and the specialty markets that these technologies serve.

He has assisted clients in global engagements involving a variety of manufacturing and commercial topics, including evaluations of potential acquisitions and due diligence. He has authored publications on nonwoven technologies and markets and is an accomplished speaker at industry conferences and executive briefings.


Developments and Outlook in the Use of Carded Air Through, Bicomponent Spunbonded and Spunlaced Nonwovens in Hygiene

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 10:55

Demand for soft nonwovens used in diaper, feminine and adult incontinence care hygiene products has emerged as a key aesthetic component in consumer demand. This one element has driven swift changes in product design, manufacturing technology and raw materials across the global nonwoven industry. This presentation will provide perspective on how softness is being addressed through the use of carded air through bonded, bicomponent spunbonded and spunlaced nonwoven products and raw materials across the world and the trends for the use of these technologies and associated raw materials.