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Fabio Zampollo

TKW Materials, ITALY

Fabio Zampollo approached the “Disposable World” during his studies in Architectural at Politecnico of Milano. Starting from 1987 up to 2004 Fabio was working in disposable diapers machineries design and manufacturing at Nuova Red Italiana first then GDM and then SSP & Technology as disposable product needs identification and technology developer. In 2004 he moved in Wipes Converting business co-founding Teknoweb Company as Sales Manager and Product Developer. From 2010 the primary focus has been nonwoven composites for wiping (Hybrid Technology), absorbency, disposable cores composites and processes, creating TKW Materials in 2015 with specific R&D of Hybrid nonwoven products. From 2017 the multinational Group OERLIKON joined TKW Materials to expand the Products Development in the new disposable nonwoven generations.


A Disruptive Wipe Substrate – Hybrid Nonwoven Technology (Joint speech)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 09:00

1. Wipe market overview and product trend in Global & China
2. TKW Hybrid nonwoven technology-A disruptive wipe substrate for global and China.
3. Economic Analysis for Export market and China.
4. Future possibility of this technology in Wipe and beyond wipe.